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Daisypath Friendship tickers

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sedetik masa berlalu....

     Now, i want to share a little story bout my bestfriend since i''m d KMPk student...The person that i mentioned earlier is Wan Zulaikha bt Wan Tajuddin..She is a pure Kelatanese..Not celup2 k..hehehe..

 Ni la Wan Zulaikha yg i mention td...So how?? Cun x?? Dye ni agak pemalu..shy girl..Voice dye pon volume rendah jer...Tp die ni agak bijak..I always asked her if I had problem esp in Math..I not in love with Math..huh..How to fall in love with math???

  After UPS break, dye kne penyakit auto-immune..That's mean, the immunity that produce by her body will destroy it own cell..Lama gak la die stay kt hospital sbb sakit tuh.. I xdpt nk g ziarah dye..

 Then. bcoz terlalu lama dye xdpt attend lecture, so dye amik kputusan tuk stop bljar kt cini..

   K la..my eyes is already ngatoks..So, i gtg..i want to have enough sleepp..